NewsLetter January 23′

‘Studio Naadi’ is a collective of passionate
architects dedicated to crafting bespoke designs
that elevate the perception of space. Since 2018,
we’ve conceptualised and delivered a diverse
range of projects – from resorts and airports to
luxury villas – each embodying our core beliefs.

This year presented significant challenges for us as we transitioned from a small team to a proficient and skilled
group. Despite the obstacles, we regrouped, rebranded, and approached our endeavour with renewed energy,
positioning ourselves as a brand ready to achieve even greater heights.

“I recently started working with this wonderful team, Studio Naadi. As
a person with the primary goal to learn and gain confidence in the field,
the journey has been extremely cultivating and effective. We have three
strong pillars, our mentors, helping us up skill ourselves and expand
our capabilities. They are always ready to offer the right guidance to all the employees.
The best thing about Studio Naadi is definitely it’s strong, highly engaged
team that works together to complete every project on schedule,
assisting each other. The team is very encouraging and inspires us to
give our best on the job. Working here has given me the opportunity to
engage in projects of different scales and kinds, ranging from residences
to large layout designs. As junior architects, we get to manage projects
on our own, starting from the design stage to the drawings, unlike most
architecture firms where our role gets highly limited.
The whole journey has been a wonderful, steep learning curve for me,
where I myself could see tremendous improvement over this span, and
I’m looking forward to learning more with this team.”

– Geenu Siby, Junior Architect

What is Naadi?

‘Nāḍī’ or ‘Naadi’ directly translates to the “channel for energy that traverses through all entities” – symbolising the
impact we wish to create in the world through the design practices of our studio.
We have a bird as our logo as birds are closely connected to the natural world and it signifies our ability to explore
greater heights, emphasising our commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly design practices.


2023 was particularly busy for the Landscape verticalduring which we have initiated over 20 projects. The highlight for us was the opportunity to design ‘Cochin International Airport’ which is expected to be completed in 2026. Other notable projects include the landscape design for a 65-storey skyscraper in Mangaluru – ‘Yamuna Sky City luxury villas in the heart of Bengaluru and plotted development project in Bidar.


Urban homes took the centre-stage this year. We got to experiment with contemporary styled designs with the usage of some unique materials. The projects are nearing completion and you will soon get to see them on our social media handles.


We successfully launched our interior design vertical “EXEKUTE” which focuses on the luxury homes and premium finish commercial designs. Our lighting design became the unique element in all of the plans and this year saw us work on commercial properties. Some of the notable projects include office design for “KDDL Watch Factory” office design for H&M’s official apparel manufacturer “Royal Exports” and a mobile store in Koppal, Karnataka.


As we enter this new year, we are channelling our efforts
towards servicing the hospitality industry. Our deep passion
lies in creating unique experience zones for resorts, weekend
homes, restaurants and cafes.


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